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A premium hard cider that reflects both the abundant natural produce and diverse cultural landscape in Southern California.

Handcrafted in Southern California
Balanced yet complex in style

Flavor Profiles Currently Available


Of our current ciders, this addition of fresh cut pineapple leaves the most sweetness in the final blend. The tropical notes and natural pineapple flavor make this a pairing that always works well together.

Apricot Peach

Whole hand-picked SoCal apricot and ripe peach form a nice harmony with fresh pressed apple. The powerful aroma from the raw fruit is followed by a semi-sweet and balanced finish.

Cherry Blueberry

Fresh blueberry and cherries blend naturally with apple to create a refreshing semi-sweet and slightly tart cider. Similar in character to a fruit forward rosé wine with a refreshing finish.

Grapefruit Rose

Fresh picked California grapefruit with a hint of raspberry and strawberry added for a touch of sweetness to this mostly dry cider. Floral and citrus notes enhances this well-rounded cider.

Coming Soon

👉 Apple
👉 Ginger Lemongrass

A bushel of apples
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