The Art of Food & Craft Cider Pairing

Discover the art of food & craft cider pairing. Match our award winning ciders with our gluten free menu options.
July 5, 2023
The Art of Food & Craft Cider Pairing

Craft cider, with its plethora of flavor profiles and mouth-watering complexity, can transform your culinary experience. Many people enjoy this refreshing beverage standalone, but the art of food & craft cider pairing opens up a fascinating world of flavors. It's not just about finding a cider that tastes good; it's about exploring those that enhance your food's flavors.

Craft Cider: Unveiling the Art of Food & Craft Cider Pairing

Pairing craft cider with food is a lot like pairing wine with food, with the added fun that cider can sometimes offer a bit more versatility. Here are some key points to know when pairing craft cider with food:

  • Consider the Sweetness: Sweet ciders can pair well with spicy foods. The sugar in the cider provides a counterbalance to the spice, creating a harmonious combination. Sweet cider also works well with desserts, especially those with apples, pears, or cinnamon.
  • Acidity is Your Friend: Good cider often has a level of acidity. This can help cut through rich, fatty foods and cleanse the palate. Dry ciders are typically more acidic and can work well with heavier, cream-based dishes.
  • Look at the Tannins: Some ciders, especially those made in traditional styles, will have tannins that can provide a good balance to protein-rich foods. Tannins can give a cider a bitter, astringent character, which can stand up to and cut through fatty, rich meats like pork or duck.
  • Consider the Flavor Profile: Many ciders have additional flavors added, like berries, honey, or spices. Think about these when pairing with food. 
  • Pair with Local Foods: Cider can reflect the area it was produced in. If possible, try pairing local ciders with local foods. 
  • Don't Forget about Cheese: Cider and cheese is a fantastic pairing that is often overlooked. The creaminess of many cheeses pairs perfectly with the acidity and effervescence of cider.

Savoring CiderWorks: A Haven of Gluten-Free Dining

CiderWorks, committed to providing diverse and flavorful options, takes pride in its predominantly gluten-free menu. This special focus is inspired by one of the owners living with Celiac Disease, who ensures the menu caters to similar dietary needs.

Their menu features a range of appetizers, such as seasoned French fries, deep-fried mozzarella bites in gluten-free batter, and delectable turkey meatballs. Gluten-free bun options for the garlic veggie melt and the chicken pesto sandwich make them not just tasty but also Celiac-friendly.

The gluten-free penne in the pesto pasta, the fresh arugula salad, and the variously seasoned wings present a delightful harmony of taste and health. Even the desserts, including mini donuts and layered pudding, abide by the gluten-free principle.

Exploring Craft Cider: Guide to Pairing Seasons Cider with Food

Exploring craft cider's pairing with food allows you to appreciate the beverage's nuances and depth. For instance, take Seasons Cider from Ciderworks. The variety in the selection caters to every palate, making them perfect for diverse food pairings.

Seasons Cider Apple, with its well-balanced profile, complements chicken dishes remarkably well, adding a hint of sweetness to balance the savory taste. Likewise, the fruity undertones of Seasons Cider Cherry Blueberry make it the perfect match for salads, especially ones with peppery leaves like arugula. The key lies in identifying the core flavors of both your cider and your food, and then creating a symphony of taste that amplifies the dining experience.

Unleashing Flavor Profiles: The Craft Cider and Food Pairing Journey

Craft cider and food pairing is a journey of unleashing flavor profiles, where you discover new layers of taste and aroma. This process begins with the simple understanding of cider's inherent characteristics, like its sweetness, acidity, and tannin content.

Sweet ciders, such as Seasons Cider Pineapple, work amazingly well with spicy foods. They bring a counterbalance to the dish, taming the heat while introducing a pleasant sweetness. On the other hand, a dry cider with more acidity, like Seasons Cider Grapefruit Rose, can cut through the richness of a creamy dish, offering a refreshing palate cleanser. By understanding these cider characteristics, you can unleash the hidden potential of each flavor profile, making each meal an adventure.

Savoring Craft Cider: Unraveling Food Pairing and Taste Profiles

Savoring craft cider requires an appreciation for its wide spectrum of flavors. With each sip, you experience the unique taste profiles that make it a versatile companion for food. The ability to pair cider with food can turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary feast for your taste buds.

Recognizing the nuances in cider, from its sweetness to its acidity and tannins, can radically transform the gastronomical landscape of a dish. These are the elements that can amplify the richness of a meaty entree, balance the spice in a fiery appetizer, or harmonize with the sweetness in a dessert. This harmony between cider and food can elevate the dining experience, introducing you to new flavor combinations that engage and delight your palate.

Craft Cider Tasting: Mastering the Art of Food Pairing and Flavors

With a versatile menu like Ciderworks', pairing meals with the right craft cider opens up a world of gustatory experiences. The balanced flavor profile of Seasons Cider Apple harmonizes beautifully with the Chicken Pesto Sandwich, amplifying the herby pesto and succulent chicken. For those selecting Fried Brussels Sprouts, Seasons Cider Apricot Peach, with its lush fruity overtones, balances out the earthiness of the sprouts. Similarly, the BBQ Wings, with their smoky and spicy hints, get a tropical uplift when paired with the sweet Seasons Cider Pineapple.

Exquisite Craft Cider: A Guide to Food Pairing and Flavor Notes

Craft cider is a drink of exquisite complexity. A guide to pairing it with food requires understanding the cider's flavor notes. For instance, take the Ciderworks' Seasonal Pear Cider. Its natural sweetness, coupled with a hint of tartness, complements the savory and umami flavor of roast pork or duck.

On the contrary, the slightly bitter and sour notes of a crabapple cider can be an excellent foil to sweet and sticky desserts. A tart crabapple cider paired with a caramel dessert balances the sweetness and enhances the overall taste. Remember, cider pairing isn't merely about mirroring flavors. It’s about creating harmonious yet unexpected taste encounters.

Pairing Craft Cider with Food: A Flavor Profiles Exploration

Embracing the art of food and craft cider pairing opens up a vibrant world of flavors. The journey through the unique flavor profiles of craft cider is an adventure in itself, each sip providing a delightful discovery. By pairing Ciderworks' exquisite craft cider with their gourmet, mostly gluten-free menu, you're not just having a meal; you're having a gastronomic experience that transcends the ordinary. Here's to finding joy and delight in every sip and bite at Ciderworks - a celebration of good food, exceptional craft cider, and wonderful company.

Ready to Discover Craft Cider for Yourself?

Whether you’re a seasoned craft cider drinker or just discovering this delicious drink, next time you’re at Ciderworks@Story Tavern in Burbank, be sure to make it your go-to happy hour option. Enjoy mouth-watering, organic beverages you’ll never forget! Try our award-winning apple cider, cherry/blueberry, pineapple, ginger/lemongrass, strawberry/orange, and many more exciting flavors proudly made in-house from fruit picked from the trees in local orchards - including the owners’ backyard.

Come visit our Taproom and enjoy gluten-free, mouth-watering food and beverages you’ll never forget! Plus, you’ll find Ciderworks menu loaded with unique, 100% gluten-free food choices - all made by hand using the highest quality, farm-to-table ingredients.

Head to Ciderworks@Story Tavern and try some of our delicious flavors today! We’re located next to Story Tavern at 150 S San Fernando Blvd. in downtown Burbank.

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