Behind the Scenes at Ciderworks

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at Ciderworks. Uncover the art of making craft cider at Ciderworks and join our monthly tour.
October 24, 2023
Behind the Scenes at Ciderworks

Cider production is a meticulous process, tracing its roots back centuries. It begins with the careful selection of apples and extends to advanced fermentation techniques, culminating in a drink cherished worldwide. This article, “Behind the Scenes at Ciderworks,” offers a comprehensive look at how cider comes to life, from orchard to glass, highlighting the methods and machinery behind this beloved beverage.

Ciderworks Exploration: The Craft and Science Behind Each Glass

Craft cider is a fermented beverage predominantly derived from apple juice. Its resurgence is rooted in a harmonious blend of time-honored tradition, innovation, and scientific precision. The steps involved, from orchard to glass, demand expertise at every stage.

From Orchard Origins to Cider Glass: The Ciderworks Process

The production of cider involves a series of specific steps, each crucial to achieving the desired flavor, aroma, and quality of the final product. The first step is selecting the right apple varieties. There are many different types of apples, and each contributes its unique flavor and sweetness to the cider. Apples are then harvested when they are ripe.

Once harvested, apples are thoroughly washed to remove any dirt, pesticides, or other contaminants. After washing, apples are crushed or ground into a pulp using a machine called an apple crusher or scratter. This pulp is then pressed to extract the juice. This can be done with traditional rack and cloth presses or more modern hydraulic presses.

Behind the Scenes at Ciderworks: A Dive into Ciders Fermentation 

The extracted juice is then transferred to fermentation vessels. Here, naturally occurring or added yeast consumes the sugars in the apple juice, converting them into alcohol and carbon dioxide. This process can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the desired cider style.

Understanding Cider Blending & Aging at Ciderworks

After fermentation, cider often undergoes blending where diverse batches are combined to achieve specific flavor notes. Some ciders benefit from aging, which allows them to acquire added depth. The choice of aging medium, be it oak barrels or steel tanks, can introduce or enhance flavors.

The Role of Local Orchards in Ciders Flavor Profiles

Local orchards hold significance in creating distinct cider flavors. Using locally-sourced fruits guarantees freshness and supports sustainable agricultural practices. The unique environmental attributes of each orchard, such as soil and climate, play an understated role in influencing cider flavor.

Artisanal Cider Production: Behind the Scenes at Ciderworks

Efficiency in cider production at the Ciderworks is attributed to the use of select machinery, from crushers to fermentation tanks. This equipment ensures that the process remains consistent, safeguarding the natural flavors and aromas of the cider.

Discover Ciderworks: A Deep Dive into Craft Cider Production & Exclusive Tastings

Cider enthusiasts are warmly invited to experience a behind-the-scenes tour of the Ciderworks facility. During this immersive journey, visitors will gain insight into the intricate cider-making process and witness the equipment pivotal to crafting these beverages. Following the informative tour, attendees can indulge their palates by sampling an array of flavors on offer, ranging from the classic Seasons Cider Apple to the exotic Seasons Cider Guava Pineapple. For those keen to take a piece of the experience home, discounted growlers filled with the cider of their choice are available for purchase.

Tours are scheduled every first Thursday of the month from 5-6pm. Given the intimate nature of these tours, ensuring a more personal and in-depth experience, slots are limited. Those interested are urged to secure their spot posthaste.

Ready to Discover Craft Cider for Yourself?

You may have been recommended to us by one of our many satisfied customers, or you may have searched online for “cider near me.” However you found us, we're happy to welcome you. Enjoy mouth-watering, organic beverages you’ll never forget! Try our award-winning apple cider, cherry/blueberry, pineapple, ginger/lemongrass, strawberry/orange, and many more exciting flavors proudly made in-house from fruit picked from the trees in local orchards - including the owners’ backyard.

Come visit our Taproom and enjoy gluten-free, mouth-watering food and beverages you’ll never forget! Plus, you’ll find Ciderworks menu loaded with unique, 100% gluten-free food choices - all made by hand using the highest quality, farm-to-table ingredients.

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